For over twenty years Charles Raskob Robinson has written a column known as “Notes from Brush Hill” which features members of the American Society of Marine Artists and appears in the Society’s quarterly magazine, the ASMA News and Journal. (“Brush Hill” is the name of a 1752 farmhouse and studio in northwestern Connecticut where Robinson has painted and written for decades.)

Because of the historical significance of these articles in documenting contemporary marine artists, the Smithsonian, the Library of Congress, the T. J. Watson Research Library of the Metropolitan Museum in New York and other institutions collect them for the public and posterity. Fine Art Connoisseur magazine has published edited versions of several of these articles.

The Artists

Artists that appear in Robinson’s “Notes from Brush Hill” are listed below alphabetically. To read the article, click the artist’s name. Additional names from earlier issues will be added steadily. Robinson has written up well over 120 ASMA artists.